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Donald Sullivan

Donald Sullivan has traveled far since his birth on a small Iowa farm in 1941. The author enjoyed a distinguished 30 year career which brought him to the pinnacle of international advertising before retiring in 1993 to pursue a second career as a novelist.

After graduating in 1963 from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Mr. Sullivan began as a copywriter in the advertising business. Creating national television advertising for companies like Acura Automobiles, Proctor & Gamble, Hunt-Wesson, and Bank of America, at age 34 he became President and CEO of Ketchum Advertising, the 23rd largest agency in America. Later Mr. Sullivan moved to the J. Walter Thompson Company, the oldest and one of the largest ad agencies in the world where he became Vice Chairman - JWT/USA, and finally Executive Vice President/Office of the Chief Executive, JWT Worldwide. In that capacity he had international responsibilities, working on accounts such as The Ford Motor Co., Sprint, Warner-Lambert, Kraft Foods, Lever Bros., and Miller Brewing. Along the way, he also worked with the United States Marine Corps and a number of defense contractors, including North American Aviation, McDonnell-Douglas, and Rockwell International. Experience with those accounts provided extensive knowledge of America's military-industrial complex and national security issues.

Mr. Sullivan has been a life-long student of Russia and has had a long-term interest in both international politics and the military. Among other activities, he worked with The White House on the 1984 presidential election campaign and has been a member of the Air Force Association since 1966. His travels in the advertising business took him to more than thirty countries on four continents, providing knowledge and experience which helped him create the backdrop for his first novel, THE WAR DIVIDEND. He believes a compelling novel must project a convincing sense of reality. To that end, he is dedicated to meticulously researching every aspect of his creative works. In preparing to write THE WAR DIVIDEND, Mr. Sullivan not only drew upon his life-long study of Russia and international politics, but also consulted over fifty technical reference books and publications, including studies on nuclear strategy and disarmament issues from The Brookings Institute. In the course of his research he traveled to Washington to draw upon the knowledge and experience of numerous experts.

Mr. Sullivan has several new projects under consideration. He is now in the process of researching a second novel, a domestic crime thriller with an international connection. True to the discipline established with his first novel., Mr. Sullivan is involved in an extensive research program covering criminal law and law enforcement methods. The course of his research has unexpectedly lead to a program that resulted in him becoming a sworn California police officer himself.

Overview of THE WAR DIVIDEND: This post-cold War thriller is set a year of two in the future. The action takes place in the Ukraine, Moscow, Washington, Los Angeles, and a remote ranch in the Nevada desert. A tactical nuclear warhead is reported missing from a Ukraine Army base which, by treaty, is no longer supposed to have any. No one is willing to admit it is missing; not the Ukrainians, not the Americans, not the Russians. Was it really stolen and if so, by whom and to what purpose? Would even the most ruthless terrorists really explode such a device and if so, can the perpetrators be stopped? What implications might such a catastrophe have for a planet sill containing more than 20,000 nuclear warheads, enough to snuff out all civilization three times over? These are some of the questions that must be answered by two intelligence officers in agencies once on opposing sides while powerful forces conspire to keep the secrets hidden until it is too late.

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