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Our firm established in 1993 is the first in the region to offer a full range of legal and business planning services intended specifically to address the needs of the arts community. Our mission is to help artists and arts groups by providing the business, management, marketing, and legal services that will free them to achieve their artistic goals. In line with this, we also help arts patrons to give in a manner that offers advantages to both benefactor and beneficiary.


Megan Carroll, principal and founder of Carroll Associates, received her Juris Doctorem from Boston College Law School in 1992. Attorney Carroll is admitted to practice in Massachusetts, Illinois, and the District of Columbia. A member of the American, Massachusetts, Illinois, District of Columbia, and Boston Bar Associations, she worked in intellectual property, corporate, tax, and probate law at one of Boston's oldest law firms. She also has prosecutorial experience in criminal law and procedure, and has clerked for several Massachusetts judges.

In addition to her legal experience, Attorney Carroll has a lifelong personal involvement in the arts. A classically trained ballet dancer for 34 years, she has performed, directed, and choreographed for various dance and theater groups for over 20 years. She currently performs with the Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble and several years ago with Dance Visions, The Margot Parsons Dance Company (Boston). Her commitment to the arts is also shown in her support for artists and arts organizations throughout the United States.

Attorney Carroll's Professional Affiliations & Civic Activities (past and present) include:

Carroll Associates lends its support to: The Wang Center for the Performing Arts, Boston; Boston Symphony; Boston Ballet; Handel & Haydn Society, Boston, MA; Associated Grantmakers of Massachusetts; Alfred Nash Patterson Foundation for the Choral Arts; Addison Gallery of American Art, Andover, MA; Boston College Museum of Art; Peter DiMuro Performance Associates, Boston; Stagesource, Boston; Dance Umbrella, Boston; The Margot Parsons Dance Company, Boston; and various other organizations.

Attorney Carroll primarily represents for-profit and non-profit corporations and partnerships; individual visual and performing artists; agents; managers; producers; screenwriters; filmmakers; authors; jewelry designers; painters; sculptors; bands; dancers; singers; musicians; museums and galleries; management, agency, and production companies; art collectors; patrons, foundations and charitable trusts. Fluent in French, Attorney Carroll also has worked with several French-speaking clients. She is the author of the work, "Le Role des Impressionnistes Dans Le Cheminement Culturelle d'Emile Zola" (The Role of the Impressionists in the Cultural Development of Emile Zola), and has translated corporate annual reports from French into English.

Attorney Carroll has been an Adjunct Professor in the Business Law Department of the Wallace E. Carroll School of Business at Boston College since 2001 where she teaches/has taught "Law I: Introduction to Law and Legal Process;" "Law II: Business Law;" and "Law, Ethics, and the Arts." She has been an Adjunct Professor of Law at New England School of Law (NESL), in Boston, MA since 1998 where she has taught a seminar entitled "Perspectives: Law and the Visual Arts."

Publications By Or Featuring Megan E. Carroll

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E-mail Megan at mec@carrollassoc.com.


Megan Carroll (see company background).

Of Counsel to Carroll Associates, Barbara Andrade brings to the firm a background in art history and high tech, a passion for learning and expression , and a firm commitment to taking broad views. Barbara is admitted to practice in Massachusetts and New York, and is a member of the American, Massachusetts, and New York Bar Associations. A graduate of Boston University (B.A. summa cum laude, art history), Barbara went on to do graduate work at Stanford University, where her interest in art law began. As a Ph.D. student in art history, Barbara studied Law, Ethics, and the Visual Arts with Professor John Merryman and the late Albert Elsen, widely recognized as pioneers in the field.

Prior to attending law school at New England School of Law (J.D. cum laude 1997), Barbara was a writer, editor, and systems administrator for Bolt Beranek and Newman, the Cambridge, Massachusetts company that created the Internet's predecessor (the ARPANET) and innovated data communications technologies such as packet switching, e-mail, and TCP/IP communications protocols. Barbara continues to work occasionally as a writer and editor in the high technology field, and enjoys bringing her experiences in that arena to bear on the questions that arise when art and technology meet. Barbara is currently doing pro bono work for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where she is exploring, among other things, the issues surrounding the licensing of digitized images.

An advocate of the big picture, Barbara is also interested in how both art and law shape culture(s), the roles they play both nationally and internationally. During the Fall of 1996 Barbara contributed her research and writing skills to the Office of the Prosecutor at the International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. While her work was focused on international human rights law, documentary evidence she examined served to buttress Barbara's belief in the deep value of artistic endeavor and strengthen her commitment to its support.

Of Counsel to Carroll Associates, Laurent Rotroff is a recent graduate of New England School of Law in Boston, where she served as an Executive Case and Note Editor of the New England Law Review. While a student, she was an intern at the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts in the Office of the Pro Se Attorney, where she reviewed and analyzed issues raised in filings of pro se litigants. Laurent also had the opportunity to research and draft memoranda and orders for United States District Judges.

Also while in law school, Laurent assisted in the conceptualization, editing and writing of an article on grantor standing for an American Bar Association journal, researched and drafted memoranda regarding legal aspects of human cloning, and assisted in preparing an article for publication in the Sydney Law Review. Laurent also researched, translated and analyzed French civil law and drafted memoranda for an article relating to the French trust system published in the Missouri Law Review, and also assisted with an article for the Massachusetts Law Review pertaining to posthumous conception.

In addition, Laurent's publications include an article inspired by her travels to Burma, which examines the necessity of an International Criminal Tribunal for prosecuting Burma's military junta and was published in the New England Journal of International and Comparative Law, as well as an article pertaining to genocide prosecutions pursuant to United Nations objectives for the Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, for which she won an award of excellence. She also obtained two additional awards of excellence while attending New England School of Law in the subjects of Law and Literature and Law and the Visual Arts.

Prior to attending law school, Laurent associate produced independent feature films in association with MBS Films and Fusion Films in London, England. In this capacity, she located financing and international distributors, production crew members, production equipment and methods of promotion and marketing. She prepared for festivals, sought talent and negotiated with agents, composed story boards, wrote synopses for trade magazines, and developed and revised working budgets. Laurent also assisted in putting together a United Kingdom-Canada multi-picture co-production deal still in development in conjunction with MBS Films, and located potential sales companies for advanced sales and financing through corporations, private companies, equity investors and distributors. Additionally, Laurent worked with the Arts Council of England in order for the project to qualify as an official co-production under the United Kingdom-Canada Co-Production Treaty.

Also prior to attending law school, Laurent worked for Sony-Lowery / The Lowery Group, where she sought and evaluated new talent and material, assisted in expediting royalty checks and statements to artists, and renewed copyrights.

Finally, Laurent illustrated a line of greeting cards at a very early age, and has exhibited and sold many of her own works of art. She has also traveled extensively throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa, and as a result, is committed to facilitating global integration of the arts community.

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