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Trevor Goring

Artist, author, publisher and public speaker, Trevor Goring was born and educated in London England, completing his extensive fine art training at Saint Martin's College of Art in 1974. He has regularly exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe and North America, directed one of Canada's leading public artist centres and founded and published Montreal's first comprehensive French language arts and entertainments magazine. He lives and works in The Republic of Ireland and enjoys an international reputation as an important painter of historical and contemporary portraits.

In 1991 Trevor founded the IMAGES OF JUSTICE (www.imagesofjustice.com) project where legal history and modern law meet art history and contemporary art. This extensive and unique body of work now comprises over 100 original images and has been exhibited at over 300 legal conferences. The recently launched IRISH GENIUS IN AMERICA (www.irishgeniusinamerica.com) project is a natural development of living in Ireland, his long standing relationship with the United States coupled with his deep respect for those who have fought for social justice.

Trevor Goring's work is represented by the U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society. He has written and designed two successful art books, lectured on the history of law in Paris, served on a Rhodes scholarship jury, painted the portraits of leading litigators and Supreme Court Judges and appeared on radio, television and in numerous publications. His works are to be found in hundreds of private, corporate and public collections.

Justice, like the bright sun, shall break majestic forth.
An allegorical figure of Justice. She represents the striving of humanity toward higher civilization.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. This nation… shall have a new birth of freedom, and government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth.
Abraham Lincoln remembers, six months after the Battle of Gettysburg

Admitted to practice in 1949, he tried cases from Georgia to Germany. Regarded as the dean of Georgia criminal defense attorneys.
Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers – 2001.

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